It is usually said that children are the future; without them a state could not cross its boundaries towards a successful and a developed state.

There was widespread news of kidnapped children in Lahore recently. Many cases of kidnapping have been reported from different areas of the city. Prominently, areas like Nastar Colony, Railway Colony, Defence Area, Iqbal Town, Shahdara, Nasirabad and Anarkali.

Is there any group behind such acts which is targeting children? Or are these groups responsible for sending these missing children to other parts of cities for the terrorist activities? Due to the increase in average percentage of kidnapping in different parts of Lahore, people have started protesting against such acts of violence.

Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has taken notice to bring back the children of beloved ones. Such large scale abduction of children in a very short span of time is alarming, as most of the children kidnapped are from poor families. The government should do as much as possible to bring them back.


Lahore, August 20.