Once again, MQM chief Altaf Hussain has chanted anti-Pakistan slogans, delivering provocative speeches, which led to attacks on TV channels in Karachi.

On different occasions, the people of Sindh faced ethnic conflicts between the Urdu speaking and other people. He is also the first politician of Pakistan who promoted gun culture in politics with the slogan, “Haqooq ya jang”. As a result, thousands of innocents have been killed in different incidents. Several times, electronic and print media have faced threats and brutalities.

Karachi is an economic hub for Pakistan. Unfortunately, for many decades due to this politics of violence and unrest the foreign investors have stopped to invest inside the country. The ongoing operation of Pakistan Rangers against terrorists, criminals and target killers is bringing back peace and stability to the city. The local businessmen and people from different walks of life have appreciated the bold steps taken by Rangers. I request to the Federal Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan to take concrete steps against the derogatory language of Altaf Hussain about our homeland.


Faisalabad, August 23.