It is time the Pakistani state and its political, civil and security establishment each reassess their own role and shortcomings in securing this country. The father of the nation was very clear that there can be no conflict of interest for those holding public office, when he refused Lord Mountbatten to become Governor General for an interim period after 1947.

How can you expect an individual who has recently pledged an oath of loyalty to another country, thereby revoking all previous loyalties, be eligible to lead political parties, hold public offices, get diplomatic assignments and serve this country?

Pakistan has suffered a lot because of this farce of dual nationality, where numerous opportunists have reduced this country to a convenient financial transit stopover to hold power, do business, evade taxes and then abandon this country. Pakistan cannot hold anybody accountable for acts of treason, massive corruption or other crimes, if the person holds an American or British nationality. Other than Afghanistan and Pakistan which are both unstable, both victims of terrorism, no other country in this region, including India, allows its citizens with split loyalties to hold any public or elected office.


Lahore, August 23.