The election victory by PTI is viewed with great applause by PTI supporters and with massive expectations by the people in general in the hope that this time the new Government will eventually change the nation destiny. How far the PTI come up to people s expectations with its widely held slogan of Nayyan Pakistan will remain to be seen within its hundreds days of litmus test Plan. The period of hundred days plan will, in fact, prove the start of new beginning.  

The positive changes will begin to be seen in 100 days if each day is worked with heart and soul. One of the serious challenges for PTI soon after taking oath is to address the economic crunch of the country at large. However, what will tangibly be observed by nation is to trickle down of delivery in health and education sectors. The health, with qualitative and quantitative education uplift, will matter the most by instant PTI response. With widely acclaimed slogan of new Pakistan, the PTI has to prove at least within 100 days plan in two most affected areas of public welfare i-e health and education. The more rapid health and education-specific response of PTI, in the face of strong opposition duress, the more will PTI supposedly corroborate its claim of Nayyan Pakistan. 

To nation, the Barometer of PTI successful performance in education and health sectors will eventually be, “ If only just a single candidate of Beacons or Educators of any franchise of all over country, being appealed by Changes in Government institutions, is shifted by family to Government School and “ if a single patient being appealed by better medication, shifts from Agha khan Hospital to Public Hospital within 100 days of PTI Plan. If shifting from private to public institutions really cause to happen, that will surely be beginning of day Dawn to Nayyan Pakistan 


Karachi, August 3.