Albayrak carries out cleanliness operation during Eid

2018-08-25T21:38:58+05:00 -PR

RAWALPINDI-On the directions of Project Director Albayrak Mr. Fatih Onat, Operations Department launched a successful cleanliness operation on the auspicious occasion of Eid-Ul-Adha. 12 transfer stations were established at various locations in the Rawalpindi & Murree cities where offals, entrails and other wastes of sacrificial animals were dumped temporarily and were lifted immediately as huge dumper trucks were deployed at each transfer stations for prompt transportation.

04 complaint camps were installed one day before and during Eid Days in Rawalpindi and Murree to receive the complaints regarding cleanliness. Waste bags and awareness material were distributed in those Eid Awareness Camps. Albayrak Communications team displayed banners too.

These transfer stations were cleaned and left like it was before. The roads were washed and cleaned by Company’s Mechanical Sweeper and Washer. Streets, Mosques, Imambargahs and collective sacrificial points were swept clean and sanitized by using phenyl.

The entire cleanliness operation was supervised and monitored by the GM Operations.

Leaves of entire staff of Operations Department & relevant departments were cancelled to meet the gigantic task. More than 3,500 sanitary workers including sanitary workers (lady sanitary workers too), supervisory staff, contractor’s staff and officers had actively participated in the Eid Operations.

Albayrak’s special teams were provided more than 347 vehicles including 144 mini dumpers, 30 pickups, 16 loaders, 45 compactors and additional 250 wooden carts for efficient & effective waste management on the occasion of Eid-Ul-Adha.

Moreover, helpline numbers were established to register complaints for collection and disposal of wastes of sacrificial animals at Operations Department, in Head Office. Helpline numbers were as below 0320-0506661; 0320-0506662 & 0320-0506663.

During the special cleanliness drive, pamphlets were distributed among the masses. Project Director Albayrak; GM Operations Albayrak; Senior Manager Operations Albayrak; Manager Operations & Manager Communications personally supervised the cleanliness operation on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha and visited the entire city. Project Director Albayrak encouraged the workers for timely collection and disposal of sacrificial animals remains and expressed his satisfaction over the successful operation. He appreciated the cumbersome efforts made by the Sanitary workers and other concerned staff for their outstanding performance.

DCO Rawalpindi Mr. Dr. Umar Jahangir, Project Director Albayrak Mr. Fatih Onat& MD RWMC Mr. Rizwan Sher Dil visited all complaint camps & transfer stations of all 63 UC’s of Rawalpindi. General Public expressed their positive feelings towards the company and was satisfied by the performance of the company.

The public showed their good will towards Albayrak & RWMC employees. Without the support of Albayrak’s sweepers (and especially lady sanitary workers), helpers, drivers, supervisors, zonal officers, Assistant Managers, Operation managers, Workshop Managers & Higher management this giant task couldn’t be completed so successfully.

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