Criticizing people is one effortless job. It is a defense mechanism that we employ when we are unable to change a situation. Whereas, practicing what we preach to others is daunting enough. Since the idea of changing the world sounds splendid until we reflect on how terribly we do when it comes to changing our own lives.

That is what holding us back to bring the desired change in our country as well. As we have little changed about ourselves and kept focusing on what others are doing. We as a nation need to realize that meaningful and lasting change can be evident by taking responsibility for our very own actions. No matter how tiny or giant it is.

It has the incredible power to impact the well-being of the country. Nevertheless, it all starts from within. We wholeheartedly need to challenge ourselves first to actually become the change that we wish to see in our people, society or country. That is how we can create a live example that inspires others to practice what we are preaching to them for so long. I couldn't agree more to the saying:

"The grass is always greener where you water it." - Neil Barringham

I have seen people blaming others for every mishap they encounter. They are least concerned about their own actions that actually hold the power to turn what seems a problem once into an opportunity. Blaming others for the failures, poverty, corruption, injustice, inequality can never be a solution. We have to take active measures to fight for what is actually considered to be immoral. Some people do not even speak for their rights and then get panic when nobody bothers about what they are going through. It is you who have to set standards for them to actually realize your worth.

We all have to stand for what is right on our own first to fight the unethical practices that are prevailing. For instance, bribes and exchange of favors, breaking traffic rules, unfulfilled promises and the list never ends. We should not forget what goes around comes around. To eradicate any of these issues, we must promise ourselves first to not indulge into any of these acts. Instead, challenge yourself to sow the seeds of goodness in order to reap a good harvest in your life. Following the ethical way of doing things will leave a message around you that deeply resonates with the people you surround.

I am immensely glad to have Imran Khan as the new Prime Minister of Pakistan. We as youth have a lot to learn from his life but above all the most life-changing lesson that I have learned is to never give up on what you want. All you have to do is to keep working hard with perseverance to get success. Nobody ever said the road to success would be easier to walk however, it promises us the results that will make us feel satisfied in the long run.

The next time you think of bringing any change you just have to take a look in the mirror because it is where you need to start from. Think of all those things that annoy you the most in others. Whether it is throwing garbage on streets, speaking unkindly for others on their back, devaluing the people around you and most importantly criticizing people for who they are. Believe me or not but we have unfortunately become less tolerant of others. Consequently, we are unable to change what we are lacking inside of us just because our focus is on what others are doing.

Having said that, I will start practicing what I have just conveyed above with determination to bring positivity around me and to contribute a little from my side for our beloved Pakistan. I hope we become people who are considerate of others just as we are concerned for our own matters. People need appreciation, love and a kind attitude that can actually make a difference. Start appreciating others for their achievements no matter how minute it seems for them it is everything they earned with their hard work. Little by little, we will get the pleasure to reap the fruits of our labor.