While we are set to celebrate 71stIndependence Day on 14 August, it is time to reassess damage inflicted on Jinnah’s modern welfare state. At a time when sacrificial lambs should have been priority it is electables and independents which fetch higher price. Almost 70 years ago while addressing Staff College officers on 14 June, 1948 Quaid stated “Executive authority flows from the Head of the Government of Pakistan–and therefore, any command or orders that may come to you cannot come without the sanction of the Executive Head”. 

Pakistan unfortunately today is bedeviled by scourge of terrorism, a legacy of military dictator Zia. Ironically the country created by constitutional struggle led by MAJ and politicians with integrity, whom Wolpert praised “Few individuals significantly alter course of history. Fewer still modify the map of the world. Hardly anyone can be credited with creating a nation-state. MAJ did all three” reduced to a bankrupt nation, where individuals are more powerful than state. Unfortunately Quaid did not live long enough to rid this country of decadent poisonous mindset of paid bureaucracy trained by Raj to oppress and prolong occupation which he referred on 11 August 1947 as “one of the biggest curses from which India is suffering–is bribery and corruption” and the test-tube politicians they midwifed. 

The economy is in tatters while individuals are at liberty to rob state of its forests, mineral resources and assets, pay no taxes, assured that nobody will arrest them as long as they do not ruffle feathers of powerful stake holders. MAJ reminded paid state employees to understand “implications of the Oath taken” and “legal implications when you say that you will be faithful to the Constitution”. Pakistan today is ruled by men who themselves, or their families, have pledged oath of loyalty to another country. 


Lahore, August 7.