KASUR/BUREWALA - Standing crops over hundreds of acres and 53 localities have been inundated due to low-level flood after breach in River Sutlej’s safety dyke near Minchinabad and Burewala.

In Burewala, floodwater of River Sutlej entered in the limits of Vehari district and inundated Mauza Jamlera, Mauza Sahoka, Farooqabad and Mauza Jhedo. Rescue 1122 teams flanked by the administration have started moving people to safer places through boats. The flow of water is very fast enough to wrap nearby populations. According to irrigation department officials, 30,000 cusec of floodwater will pass through Islam Headwork.

According to the District Administration Flood Control Centre, water flow has increased at Head Islam which is 18,670 and outflow is 18,670 cusec. Floodrwater arrival at Head Sulemanki is 49,600 cusec, at Head Ganda Singhwala 52,680 cusec. Low-level flood is expected over the next few days at Head Islam. In Kasur, the water level in River Sutlej at Ganda Singhwala has risen to 19 ft, and consequently several nearby villages and localities have been inundated.

Moreover, a flood alert has been issued from the river near Uch Sharif. Another 71 localities have been submerged under water as a low-level flood has been reported at Head Sulemanki (Pakpattan). The flood water has destroyed several houses and standing crops standing over hundreds of acres.

Officials in the Punjab government had said the flow in Sutlej could be problematic for those settled in and round the riverbed. Nevertheless, all measures have been adopted to protect them.

Meanwhile, Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has already completed all preventive measures with the help of local administration, Rescue 1122 and Pakistan Army personnel and asked the people of rural areas along the banks of Sutlej to move to safer places. However, no protective measures have been taken at Head Panjnad. The district administration has only established medical camps in the region.

According to rescue sources, up to 90% of the three most affected villages were evacuated. Other district administrations have set up 17 relief camps to accommodate affected people. Hundreds of people were forced to migrate along with their goods and livestock. Pakistan Army and rescue teams are conducting operation to shift the trapped persons to safe places.

Nine medical camps and five flood rescue posts have been formed in Pakpattan where staff has been appointed with essential items.