LOS ANGELES (GN) - Meghan Markle did not want to be just another pretty face on a billboard, or another young girl from LA striving to be an actress.  She had much bigger goals than that. When she went to college she double-majored in theater and international relations to ensure she’d have a leg up in the business. Landing her most recent role as a member of the royal family is definitely more than she ever dreamed she’d be. Markle couldn’t avoid the allure of becoming an actress. She grew up in LA and is the daughter of Thomas Markle, who was a lighting director on the sitcom Married with Children. Since her dad spent a lot of time on the set, young Meghan did too. She was exposed, early on, to what life would be like as an actress. In 2011, landing a role on Suits was a dream come true. She promptly moved to Toronto to film the series and that is where she lived until she moved to be with Prince Harry. Meghan explains to Marie Claire that she was always a little nerdy, and although she was very interested in pursuing acting she didn’t want to be a cliché. “I had always been the theater nerd at Northwestern University.” She admits.