LAHORE - The Businessmen Panel (BMP) termed a baseless and illogical demand from the President, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry to stop the transfer of the recently appointed Director General of Trade Organisation (DGTO) with a weak argument that it should have been done much earlier than the start of election process of the trade bodies as the supervisor of 218 trade bodies is being transferred during the ongoing election process. Secretary General (Federal) and Spokesperson of the Businessmen Panel, Ahmad Jawad said it is the prerogative of the government to whom they appoint; not a single impact on the elections of the chambers and trade bodies elections. He said FPCCI officials always want that DGTO office should be their supporter when and where they required, but when it doesn’t required then Federation Chamber even ignored the order of the regulator.

“The novel example in this regard recently conducted FPCCI Achievement Award Ceremony was held in Awan-e-Sadar which were against the order of the regulator and at that time President of Pakistan office were also unaware. We must understand DGTO Office is the Regulator of the trade bodies and DGTO have to follow the rules and regulation as laid down in trade organisation ordinance. If any body find injustice they can lock the door for the remedy which is a fine path according to the rule of law. However he lamented instead of UBG officials through FPCCI should made straight things as per the trade ordinance rather to go through other way which they did mostly every year.  “Though coming elections of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) will be a tough battle between Businessmen Panel (BMP) and United Business Group (UBG)”; because it was largely observed that the business community faces severe challenges in terms of cost of doing business and new doctrine of the FBR which is yet to be concluded and instability are on the glance among the traders and industrialists and now voter will see to whom they choose to address their grievances amicably.

Jawad also demanded that this year Election Commission members for the FPCCI Elections should be neutral and this year two of members may be approved in the commission which shall be nominated by opposition group in the coming executive Committee meeting of the FPCCI so that level playing field may begin from the first day.

It may also recall here Commerce Ministry has sent a proposal to the Prime Minister for transferring the recently appointed “Regulator of the Trade organisation” DGTO and in response FPCCI President Daroo Khan Achakzai has made a strong demanded from the Government of Pakistan that the illogical and illegal proposal for the removal of the DGTO to be immediately withdrawn for smooth conduct of trade bodies elections. “If Ministry of Commerce fails to address the grievance and genuine demand then a different course of action, even legal, remedy will be considered ensuring completion of the disruption and free election process of trade going bodies of the Country”.