ISLAMABAD - The Capital Development Authority on Sunday conducted anti-encroachment operation in sector F-6/1 and demolished several illegal constructions and encroachments in the area.

During the operation, obstructions in the streets causing hindrance in pedestrian movement, barbed wires and fences erected around the premises, car sheds or parking and security apparatus, lawns and gardens established and encroachments established beyond plot lines were targeted, a statement said.

During the action, the Enforcement Directorate of CDA dismantled several encroachments from street No 32, 33 and 39 of F-6/1 including six iron grill fences, 18 guard rooms, three entrance gates, two dog shelters and several other encroachments. 

Earlier, the CDA through final public notice had warned general public to remove encroachments on their own otherwise strict action would be taken against these violations.

Meanwhile, during another operation, the Enforcement Directorate along with Islamabad Capital Territory Administration dismantled 7 sheds or containers, 13 security pots, 25 containers, two rooms and five tile factories established illegally at the green belt along the Kashmir Highway.