ISLAMABAD - Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqaat urged the capital dwellers to abandon the use of polythene shoppers by adopting eco-friendly bags and prove them a responsible citizen.

He noted that public should change its behaviour towards an environment friendly society and get rid the menace of plastic.

“In the first phase of the campaign, the focus and ban is only on single-use carrier plastic bags to create mass awareness” he said on Sunday.

“People use plastic bags without knowing its repercussions that it affects the whole eco system badly for next 500 years,” he warned.

Nearly 50 per cent of the shopkeepers in Islamabad have welcomed the ban but the administration was also facing resistance at some places, he added.

He said that alongside the regular checks on shops, the city administration was also holding awareness seminars and distributing free cloth bags to encourage the use of cotton bags among citizens.

It was not a new initiative, the DCsaid, in country like Kenya which has very low human index its usage was completely banned.

After the new ban, as per EPA rules and regulations, producers of plastic bags may be fines up to Rs 500, 000 whereas sellers could face fines up to Rs 50, 000 and buyers and public seen using bags at shops could be fined up to Rs 5, 000.