India, under fascist Modi, has changed the status of Jammu and Kashmir and annexed Ladakh in the Indian Territory by abrogating Articles 370 and 35A of its constitution through a presidential order. For a more embryonic account of Kashmir, A. G ‘Noorani’s book “Article 370: A Constitutional History of Jammu & Kashmir” is the text to read. This violative action has disturbed the peace of South Asia and beyond. Mr Wang Yi, China’s foreign minister, has categorically expressed his displeasure to the Indian foreign minister who was visiting China after Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s successful visit. The Indian unilateral action to annex the region did not gain the support of the international community. However, most of the states’ attitude towards Indian belligerence is exceptionally disappointing.

What the Indian government is doing in Kashmir shows the largest democracy’s in crisis. The Kashmiris have been facing curfew, lockdown and blackout from the world since 5 August 2019. It’s hardly a secret anymore that the BJP move is a blatant attempt of the ruling party to change the demography of the area. BJP wants to imitate Israel’s settlement model in the valley. That will convert the Muslim majority in a minority in the area. India’s move will weaken Pakistan’s position on Kashmir issue.

It is widely considered that India did not take this drastic step in isolation but with the consent of Washington and Tel-Aviv; Mike Pompeo knew it already. UN Resolutions are useless so far, and no concrete action had ever been taken to solve the Kashmir dispute once and for all. All the major powers have closed their eyes to the Indian oppression in the valley. And what good is the United Nations (UN) for? When it comes to non-white people in general and Muslims in particular, the UN acts as a silent spectator. The inaction of the UN while the US or its allies invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen speaks volumes of the body’s double standards. The way this international body works one cannot but deem it as a protector of US national interests worldwide. The phrase “Never Again” in the UN Charter is a shame for it. Why? Because it did nothing in the case of Bosnia or Rohingya crises and it is doing nothing to stop the oppressive state of India from violating the fundamental rights of Kashmiris. It is not wrong to say that India has been busy in the systemic ethnic cleansing of the Kashmiris.

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) – read it Oh I See – that claims to represent the more than one billion Muslims, is anaesthetized. International players have placed their fielding all over the Muslim world very smartly. They all collude to protect their “vital interests” in this world anywhere and everywhere. Why complain about others when the Muslims leadership is yet to wake up from its slumber? Virtually every other Muslim leader ignored the recent atrocities committed by Myanmar’s military against Rohingya. And that crisis is not settled yet. So much so, neighbouring Bangladesh returned their ships and did not allow them to enter into their country. The human rights champion Aung San Suu Kyi did not raise a single word against these brutalities. Because these were happening against Muslims? On Eid day, our foreign minister informs us that the custodian of Ummah is making massive investments in India. It is the official announcement by the Saudi regime to kickstart the ventures of $100bn in India. This investment scheme reveals it all, the silence of the Shaikhdoms over Kashmir.

For Shaikhdoms, like all capitalist cum realist countries, morals find no place in realpolitik. While these Shaikhdoms would give alms and donations to the weaker Muslim countries, their investments for economic advancements find the lands of oppressors having good investment climate.

While the majority of the Muslim countries have long forgotten Palestine issue, Kashmir is the new issue that the national interests of these countries will trump. Only a few days back, the UAE has shamelessly conferred its highest civilian award on Narendra Modi. Saudi’s investments in India have already been discussed above. Therefore, Pakistan has to review its policy towards these Sheikhdoms for whom their economic interests are more important than taking a moral position against oppression.

Nevertheless, India has once again made Kashmir an international issue. The global community urges both India and Pakistan to solve the matter peacefully. But finding a bilateral solution to the problem of Kashmir is now a distant dream after India’s revocation of Article 370 and 35A of the constitution. PM Imran Khan in his speech in the AJK Legislative Assembly made an earnest plea before the world to find a sustainable solution to the Kashmir issue immediately. But it seems that his words have fallen on deaf ears. However, Khan’s speech was not just a plea before the world. His speech had warnings for the world as well. One cannot agree more to Khan’s words that the international community will be responsible should anything unpleasant happen in Kashmir.

India under Modi has repeatedly turned down the positive gestures of Khan’s government. The world is witness to Pakistan’s sincere efforts in resolving all outstanding issues through dialogue. However, the arrogance that BJP leadership has been feeding on will be the primary cause of any future conflict in the region. But with arrogance come folly. India’s nationalists, in the words of Pankaj Mishra, have done an own-goal by repealing the articles aforementioned. Indian move, along with PTI’s relentless efforts, has made Kashmir once again an issue of global concern. However, Pakistan should not remain content with this much. Pakistan needs to continue advocating the Kashmir cause by any mean necessary. And it should not be thought of as government’s issue. The opposition also needs to do what is needed in this regard.

Now, what will be the consequences of Modi’s government move? Those who believe in militant struggle will gain more currency. The Indian state’s repression will push the valley back in the era of 90s. The region will once again see a bloodbath. And is India ready for yet another faultline in its federation? While the Indian people may not want implosion, the current government has already sown the seeds of the implosion of the Indian state. Nevertheless, it is time for Pakistan to hit back hard. But how? Pakistan needs to work hard on creating a people to people consensus on Kashmir and Kashmiris’ right to self-determination. It should ask for carrying out India’s economic boycott. Doing so will force Modi to rethink his actions in Kashmir.

The author is a Staff member of SAHSOL LUMS and holds an LLM degree from the University of Lahore.

International players have placed their fielding all over the Muslim world very smartly. They all collude to protect their “vital interests” in this world anywhere and everywhere.