LAHORE - The Lahore Arts Council (LAC) presented a Partition-based play ‘Vand’ in collaboration with Naurattan theatre here on Sunday at Alhamra Art Centre on The Mall.

According to a spokesperson, the socio-cultural and musical play titled ‘Vand’ was based on Partition of Hindustan. In the play, writer covered various pre- and post-Partition incidents. The play also portrayed the behaviour of Hindustan and the British government towards Muslims.

It’s a story of a woman, Bay Jee, who lives in Amritsar and very much honorable and respectful among Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims as well. During the pre-Partition years, all loved each other. But, after the Partition, the Hindus and Sikhs changed their behaviour toward Bay Jee and forced her to leave India and go to Pakistan. Bay Jee was hurt by the shocking behavioural shift and refused everyone’s stance and said that she would not leave her own homeland.

The play ‘Vand’ is written by Shahid Pasha and directed by Suhail Tariq. The cast includes Suhail Tariq, Shama Nighat, Shahrule Ali, Zeeshan Haider, Sumaira Junaid, Hifza, Manoor Bhatti, Ali Ahmed, Fahad Ali, Ehsan Murad, Asad Butt, Danish, Adil, Haleema, and Razia Malik.

Executive Director Alhamra Ather Ali Khan said that it was a pleasure to see actors and directors perform on stage and produce a high quality drama. It seems that there is no shortage of talent in the country.

He said, “We were trying our best to increase opportunities for young artists and our main purpose is to provide quality entertainment to the public.”

‘Vand’ was very well written, acting was great and so was the direction. “I am thrilled to see the performance of actors,” he added.