LAHORE  -   Pre-screening ceremony of singer Maham Suhail’s Sufi song “Sajjan Yaar” was held at a local here hotel.

The ceremony was attended by renowned musicians, producers and artistes from Punjab and Gilgit-Baltistan. Mr Kamran Lashari, DG, Lahore Walled City Authority and former Chairman Alhamra Arts Council, was chief guest while Prof Mrs Sara Zaman, National College of Arts and Mr M Nizam, former Vice Chancellor University of Gujrat, also participated.

Speaking on the occasion, Maham Suhail said that the song describes the realities of life and the video of the song explores the different perspectives of life and especially Sufism. “The each word of the song has an inbuilt world in it, as one listens deeply, one moves from one world to another, getting out from hectic and worldly life. The song explores ways and means to seek, attract Almighty’s blessings and guidance for the real world, the ‘Hereafter’.”

Maham lauded the efforts of her parents Khawaja Suhail Iftikhar and Prof Dr (retd) Sabrina Suhail and sister Ushna Suhail in the completion of her video. She thanked her teammates, especially Producer, Director Mr Rafay Shahzad, Mr Wali, Mr Zahid Mayo and others, whose hard work and support made her pre-screening ceremony a memorable event.

Director General, Walled City Lahore Authority, (WCLA), Kamran Lashari greatly appreciated the efforts, talent and hard work of Maham, saying he saw lot of promise and talent in her past performances and the Sajan Yar, which solicits human effort to earn the blessings of Creator.

“The song Sajjan Yaar is an excellent effort by young and sensational Maham, which is not less than a master piece in the field of Sufi Music. She is highly talented and committed, she is bound to excel at higher level.”

He also wished success in her upcoming Master’s Degree Program at one of world’s best music universities, Berkley College, next month, in field of Audio and Video Production, Innovation Technologies.

Similar tributes and appreciation was paid by Prof Mrs Sara Zaman, NCA, speaking briefly as a professional, commenting on her skills and hard work and terming her work as an extraordinary, brilliant effort.