The month of August has been very eventful so far on both national and international fronts. The socio-politico milieu of the country has undergone considerable change. It began with the BJP led government in India doing away with article 370 of the Indian constitution followed by chaos, unrest and blatant violations of human rights as Indian security forces put people under siege in Occupied Kashmir. United Nations Security Council taking up Kashmir issue after 50 years owing to the special efforts of Pakistan Foreign Office; shameless silence of the Muslim Ummah on Kashmir except Iran and Turkey, UAE conferring Modi with highest civil award, the PTI led government in center, Punjab and KPK completing its first year of change in face of divisive challenges, cricketers Hassan Ali, Emmad Waseem and showbiz heartthrob Hamza Ali Abbasi tying the knot. It is the latter two stories we will be discussing in this article.

Consider it my deliberate attempt to keep you in the perspective of how significant has been this August. Now, I assume you are ready for further read. There you go! Let’s begin with the story of a marriage that has happened to please Allah alone for other marriages happen to please Lucifer! Apparently, all other marriages happen for all the wrong reasons such as to have kids, to succumb to family or social pressure or may be out of sheer love or lust for the opposite gender.

Some marriages happen for the sake of marriage and yet other for financial gains. I mean different people get married for different reasons. In case of our holy lad’s marriage, Lucifer appears to be a complete loser. He failed to convert this almost two years long halal relationship into something of his gains. Lucifer should be ashamed of himself. I mean if he can make Yasir and Iqra follow his path, why not Hamza and Naimal? That is a million “likes” question for social media consumers who have clearly taken positions and are advising us that in a world full of Yasir and Iqra, be like Hamza and Naimal. Oh boy! That’s quite a position.

Now that most hyped and tweeted marriage of Hamza Ali Abbasi with Naimal Khawar that will go down in the annals of social media history as “marriage for Allah” is over on 25th of August, a great silent majority of sobbing young beautiful girls, may console themselves by reading one of the famous verses by Munir Niazi: "Shabab khatam hua, aik azaab khatam hua!"

No doubt, what is being hailed as marriage of the year has taken all the lime light. Nation is busy on drawing comparisons between this marriage and other marriages and proposals especially the Iqra-Yasir thing. After all, subsequent to debating liberation of Kashmir, the marriage topic is equally important for our media. Especially when senior experts on marriage affairs like Mrs Khan are giving it all the hype and spice, what else could nation ask for?

Anyways, it is already on the top of the twitter trends. By the time of writing these lines, some 14,000 people are tweeting about it. If details of the marriage that have literally flooded the social media are to be believed, it was simple yet an elegant affair. No extended list of guests; no expensive clothes, no song and dance, no makeup and jewelry, yet the glow and happiness was very much visible. A day before the Nikkah ceremony, there was no typical bachelor party except a very “platonic” get together of few friends over Coke, burgers and fries only!

On that note, we move to our second story. I know some of you, I mean the curious minds must be thinking what it all has to do with our very own Chief Minister of Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar, a man of actions and not of shallow words only? Well, he has a relevance as he is the best thing that has happened to Punjab in decades when it comes to 1st year performance of PTI led government under his captaincy in Punjab. He has emerged the undisputed champion of delivery, execution and good governance among his contemporaries in other provinces and that too with utmost ease.

He is proving his critics wrong with every passing day. If any proves are needed, go check his government’s report on first year which reads "Aik Sal-Bay Misal". Punjab under Buzdar is changing in front of our eyes. What he and his team has achieved in one year in health, education, legislation and social sector his predecessors could not do it in decades. The Punjab Ehsas Program worth 17 billion rupees for socio-economic welfare of marginalized segments of the society such as elderly; women, children transgenders, and families of the Shuhda is a true depiction of his inner self. Humility and unflinching resolve to initiate the projects that are good for a common man- the real beneficiary. The shelter houses is a glaring example of the man, his vision and commitment to serve the downtrodden segments of the society on priority basis.

So, if Hamza Ali Abbasi is getting married for Allah, let there be a humble man in the corridors of power in Punjab for the sake of a great silent majority of the people who associate themselves with him - the common man of the province!