Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a historic blunder by revoking Kashmir’s autonomy.

Imran Khan on Monday addressed the nation on the Kashmir issue and the government's future strategy on the situation in the occupied region.

He stated the historical blunder of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi offers historic opportunity for the resolution of Kashmir issue.

Khan reiterated that Islamabad’s resolve to stand by the people of Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK) till the day India frees the disputed valley of its draconian rule.

The Prime Minister said when our government came into power, our first priority was to establish peace in the region to increase employment, business and trade opportunities and tackle other issues being faced by the nation.

He said we extended a hand of friendship to all regional countries, including India. We approached to Afghanistan for a political settlement of the crisis there, instead of military.

He said he offered India to take one step, we will take two step so that we resolve all issues including Kashmir through talks. However, our sincere efforts for holding dialogue were rejected by India.

"So we wanted to be friends with everyone, When I came into power, I made many overtures for dialogue to India but there were always some problems," the prime minister said.

"First they had elections coming up, so we waited for that to be over, we thought when elections would be over, the situation will be different. Then Pulwama happened; a Kashmiri man blew himself up.

"They (India), instead of introspecting, pointed fingers at us. After the elections, we realised they had a different agenda and they tried to blacklist Pakistan at FATF.

"On August 5 they sent additional military troops in Kashmir and announced that it was now part of India. This was against the vision of their founding fathers and UN resolutions," he added.

He said it was important for the public to understand the ideology of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) party — said to be a parent organisation of India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) — of which Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been a member.

"They (RSS) believe that Hindus are supreme and others are second-class citizens. They have a fascist ideology, they have been sidelined by India's past government as a terrorist organisation. "This was the ideology that Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah saw and worked towards the creation of Pakistan. Our ideology is based on the Holy Quran and believes in the protection of minorities; RSS has the opposite mindset."

Prime Minister said Modi had made a "historic blunder" by revoking occupied Kashmir's special autonomy and in doing so "he has opened the way to Kashmir's freedom". "We received information that they were planning a false-flag operation like what they did in Balakot, to divert attention from occupied Kashmir.

"We won on the diplomatic front; we internationalized the Kashmir issue, talked to heads of states, their embassies and the UN Security Council called a session on Kashmir for the first time since 1965. We also kept raising this for the international media to report and they picked this up."

"I read in the newspapers that people are disappointed that Muslim countries are not siding with Kashmir. I want to tell you not to be disappointed; if some countries are not raising this issue because of their economic interests, they will eventually take this issue up. They will have to, with time.

"The western media has never criticised India as much as it is doing right now. I want to tell the Kashmiri people that whether the world stands with them or not, Pakistan will."

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The prime minister announced that a ceremony will be held every week to show solidarity with the Kashmiri people and coming Friday, the nation will come out between 12-12:30pm to show solidarity.

"This is the UN's responsibility, they promised the people of Kashmir that they would protect them. Historically, the world bodies have always sided with the powerful but the UN should know that 1.25 billion Muslims are looking towards it, he added.