Pakistan has been built in the name of Allah. Pakistan is selected by billion of Muslims who want to support Islam, human beings, justice, and peace. Today Pakistan stands for Kashmiris who want freedom from cruelty. One the other hand, changing the article of 370 indicates that Indian Govt BJP is doing injustice with Kashmiris.

So far above than 300 political people have been arrested by the Indian government. After judging the overall situation of Kashmir, Pakistan decides to celebrate the independence day highlighting the voice of Kashmir. For the first time, Pakistan’s flag is attached with Kashmir. Pakistan will stand for Kashmiri people under any condition. Hence, this 14 August will make history in the world. Every nation should think about Kashmir issue, especially United Nation Organization (UNO).

Moreover, the barbarity of the Indian Govt in Kashmir is increasing day by day. Kashmiri people are not allowed to celebrate Eid Al Azah. They were not allowed to pray and sacrifice animals. According to Human Rights association, no state or government can ban religious and traditional works of any nation. Finally, the Pakistani nation and government humbly request UNO to stop violence in Kashmir and help the residents to live freely.