Rawalpindi-Heavy rain hit the city here on Tuesday while inundating Faizabad Interchange and Rawal Road causing gigantic traffic jam on almost all the major roads. This doubled the miseries of commuters and pedestrians.

Met office predicted more rains in the next 24 hours.

The areas where bumper-to-bumper traffic jam occurred included Liaquat Bagh, Committee Chowk, Iqbal Road, Commercial Market, 7th Road, 6th Road, Rehmanabad, Double Road, Faizabad, IJ Principal Road, Farooq e Azam Road, Kuri Road, Rawal Road, Airport Road and many other roads.

The city traffic wardens, under command of Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Syed Ali Akbar, put their hectic efforts to ease traffic flow but the rain water that gushed out on underpasses and Faizabad Interchange made it difficult for road users to continue their travel. All civic bodies also failed in responding to several calls of city traffic police to pump out rain water from roads.

Meanwhile, many low lying areas in the city were inundated by the rainwater and sewerages got chocked. The streets were inundated with rainwater making public movement impossible.

Public also criticised the role of civic bodies of twin cities on social media by sharing pictures of gigantic traffic jam and scores of motorcyclists stuck under Faizabad Interchange.

“I am stuck in long traffic queue for last one hour because rain water gushed out under Faizabad Interchange,” said Ahmed Abbas, a vehicle owner. He said that he cannot see any official of Islamabad traffic police to control the traffic rush. He said the civic bodies of Islamabad also failed in pumping out water from roads.

Another citizen namely Usman Mirza said the underpasses and Faizabad Interchange turned into swimming pools and the administrations of twin cities are nowhere to facilitate the road users.

“What is going on in twin cities? Where are the administrators? We are unable to move our vehicles even for an inch due to traffic jam caused by heavy rain,” said Wasif Chaudhry, a commuter. Many other road users also registered their strong protest against inefficiency of administrators of twin cities and sought strict action against them. 

According to Met Office, Saidpur received 45mm rain, Bokra 2mm, Golra 0mm, Shamasabad 87mm and Chaklala 34mm. The water level In Katarian and Gawalmandi was 6.5 feet, according to Flood Forecasting and Warning System for Leh Nullah.