MUZAFFARGARH - Local police on Tuesday con­tinues checking of security duty, hotels, buses, bus sta­tion, internal and external routes of the city under given security plan, official said. 

DPO Nadeem Abbas has started making district-wide surprise visit while SDPOs, SHOs along with various checking teams were placed in direct connect to the DPO. 

Confirmation certificates were being taken from re­sorts, hotels, bus stands among all public places which came on processions’ routes. 

DPO Nadeem Abbas added that the air of Muzaffargarh was peaceful. 

He said that every soldier of the police department was on duty and fully prepared to thwart any kind of unpleas­ant incident.


Extended Programme on Immunization (EPI) launched on Tuesday in 34 UCs of the district wherein kids upto five years of age would be vaccinated against ten infec­tious diseases.

ECO District Health Au­thority (DHA), Dr Fayyaz Kareem Legarid opened the drive by vaccinating a kid at Basic Health Unit (BHU) in Khanpur. Speaking on the occasion, Chief Execu­tive Officer (CEO) DHA, Dr Leghari said that infectious several diseases could only be controlled by effective immunization.

All resources would be ex­hausted to make the drive a success, adding that supervi­sors should go into the field to check the campaign per­sonally. Earlier, he inspected the BHU Khanpur.