Islamabad-A mysterious radio burst coming from the same spot in deep space on a regular cycle has returned ‘right on schedule’, according to astronomers. 

In June, University of Manchester researchers confirmed a Fast Radio Burst called FRB 121102 wasn’t just repeating but was doing so on a 157 day cycle. 

They predicted it would return sometime in July or August and that is exactly what happened, according to new observations of the source of the burst. FRB 121102 is in an unknown dwarf galaxy about three billion light years away and Chinese astronomers predict the current active cycle will end by September 9. Fast Radio Bursts (FRB) are very short but very intense pulses of radio waves. 

They were first discovered in 2007, but their origins remain unknown to astronomers. Writing in the Astronomer’s Telegram, a team from the National Astronomy Observatory of China used the 1,640ft Aperture Spherical radio telescope to monitor the location the busts and predict it is actually on a 156.1 day cycle.