ISLAMABAD - New vehicle standards have been approved for road safety, disclosed Minister for science and technology Fawad Chaudary. 

Fawad Chaudary, said that his ministry had approved 61 standards for every vehicle on road. He said the approval was done on Tuesday by his ministry and the deployed departments were already evaluating further standards to be approved in couple of days. 

Referring to the standards being introduced in the forthcoming week, the minister said the initiative was carried by him personally as he received bulks of complaints regarding the matter. Elaborating the objective, Fawad Chaudary said the standards would be settled by the ministry for the vehicles which would be followed throughout the country.

“The concept of standardized breaks, availability of airbags in every car, good quality sheets (car body) were among these standards which are to be introduced,” explained the minister. He also said that break failures, non availability of airbags, poor quality of vehicles and etc. were the very main reasons for the hiking road accidents in the country.

Hoping that the ministry will try hard to meet international standards for vehicles like in Europe, America and other regions, Fawad Chaudary said that they had today finalized most of these standards.

The ministry of science and technology has emerged tremendously in these past couple of years. From being dormant once, the ministry has now reached to a level where it has initiated many steps towards improvement in science and technology in Pakistan.  

Lately, the ministry had also introduced Drones which will be manufactured in pakistan. Talking about these drones last month, Fawad Chaudhry said that the drones produced by his ministry under the ‘Made in Pakistan’ initiative would be fully capable of monitoring farms and spraying disinfectants which he believed, will revolutionize the field of agriculture and farming. The minister posted on Twitter, sharing a picture of two agricultural drones under the initiative ‘Made in Pakistan’, revealing that they have the ability to spray 16 litres of pesticide for 18 minutes.

Another target of transferring motor vehicles to electric power set by Federal Minister Science & Technology has also been achieved. At the end of July last month, the first-ever electric vehicle charging unit was installed in Islamabad. Now around 300 more charging units are to be installed in near future.