ISLAMABAD-Despite 9.4 percent decrease in natural gas production in Punjab during 2018-19, the share of the province in gas consumption was increased by 1 percent from 50 percent to 51 percent while the share of other provinces reduced or remained the same. The share of Sindh in the consumption of gas decreased from 39 to 38%, while in Balochistan and KP it remained the same at 2% and 9% respectively during 2018-19, said Ogra’s State of the Regulated Petroleum Industry Report 2018-19.

As per the report, in 2018-19, the production of natural gas decreased in all the provinces except KP where it was increased by 12mmcfd from 386mmcfd to 398mmcfd. The gas production in Sindh decreased by 51 mmcfd from 1576 mmcfd in 2017-18 to 1525 mmcfd in the 2018-19, in Balochistan it decreased by 21 mmcfd from 370 mmcfd to 349 mmcfd, in Punjab it decreased by 10 mmcfd from 117 mmcfd to 107 mmcfd. Now KP has replaced Balochistan as second largest gas producing province following Sindh. The gas production from independent system decreased from 1143 mmcfd in 2017-18 to 1040 mmcfd in 2018-19. The LNG supplies in the country increased from 754 mmcfd to 901 mmcfd during 2018-19.

The total natural gas supplies from all sources and LNG was 4319 mmcfd in 2018-19, which was 38 mmcfd less than the preceding year. Natural gas supply during the year was 4,319mmcfd. Out of total supplies, 3,279 mmcfd gas (including 901 mmcfd imported RLNG) was supplied through gas utility companies to their consumers and remaining 1,040 MMCFD was supplied by the gas fields directly to the consumers. Sindh’s share in gas supply was 46 percent, whereas KP, Balochistan and Punjab supplied 12, 11 and 3 percent respectively.

Despite of reduction in its natural gas production, the consumption of gas in Punjab increased by 76 mmcfd from 1515 mmcfd to 1591 mmcfd during 2018-19. In Balochistan, the consumption increased by just 1 mmcfd from 64 mmcfd in 2017-18 to 65 mmcfd in 2018-19, in Sindh the consumption increased by 17 mmcfd from 1163 to 1180 mmcfd, while in KP it was increased by 8 mmcfd from 265 mmcfd to 273 mmcfd. The gas utility companies expanded their transmission and distribution network to cater the demand of its new consumers. SNGPL and SSGCL have extended their transmission network by 81km and 24km respectively during FY 2018-19. 

Similarly, SNGPL extended its distribution network by 7,782km and SSGCL by 660km. SNGPL has connected 430,411 new consumers during FY 2018-19, reaching to 6.8 million total consumers on its network. SSGCL has added 106,054 new connections, making a total of 3.0 million consumers on its network. Overall, there were 9.8 million natural gas consumers in the country by the end of FY 2018-19. The main consumer of natural gas was power sector, consuming 38 percent, followed by domestic sector 22 percent, fertilizer 16 percent, general industry 9 percent and captive power 8 percent of the total gas consumed during FY 2018-19.

 Province-wise gas consumption shows that Punjab’s share was 51 percent, Sindh 38 percent, KP 9 percent and Balochistan 2 percent of total gas consumption during the year under review.

Similarly, the consumption of the LPG is always lowest in Balochistan, FATA and Federal Capital Territory with only consuming 3 percent of LPG each. Punjab consumes the highest share of 58 percent, followed by Sindh and KP 10 percent each, Northern areas 8 percent and AJK 5 percent.