UNITED NATIONS - A new report from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has highlighted the presence of ISIL/Da’esh in India, saying the terrorist group is operat­ing from Karnataka and Kerala and poses a threat to regional peace and security.

The key, biennial report on ISIL’s impact on international peace and security was presented to the UN Security Council by Vladimir Voronkov, head of the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism, on Monday.

According to diplomatic sources, the In­dians have also been found involved in ter­ror attacks in Afghanistan, a development that has raised an alarm at the UN over the growth of ISIL in India and in Afghanistan. 

Voronkov also told the 15-member Securi­ty Council that ISIL’s affiliate ISIL-Khorassan, which has about 2,200 members in Afghani­stan, was capable of high-profile attacks, de­spite territorial losses and the arrest of its leaders, and has emerged as a major terror­ist outfit in Afghanistan for the region. 

“ISIL-K seeks to pursue a global agenda by implementing the approach of the ISIL core, namely using Afghan territory as a base for spreading terrorist influence across the wider region,” the UN chief’s report said. 

The Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP), op­erating from Afghanistan, is said to be ac­tively cooperating with ISIL-K, with some TTP elements even trying to merge with ISIL-K in Afghanistan. 

The secretary-general’s report is the third in a series that have spotlighted the terror­ist threat from TTP to Pakistan from Af­ghanistan.

According to Pakistani officials, TTP is be­ing facilitated by India, a point also repeat­edly underlined by Pakistan’s Ambassador to the UN Munir Akram in the course of his speeches in the Security Council.

In a recent Council debate on the nexus between terrorism and organized crime, Ambassador Akram called India the “foun­tainhead of terrorism” in the region. 

“No amount of Indian obfuscation can hide the facts,” a Pakistani diplomat stressed. 

India has incarcerated more than 8 mil­lion Kashmiris in an open prison since Au­gust 5 2019. “Kashmiris will never accept Indian subjugation. Indian Illegally Occu­pied Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed ter­ritory,” the diplomat said, adding that the Security Council resolutions, the state­ments of the UN and the fact that the Coun­cil held three meetings on this issue makes it clear to all that India illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir is an international dispute.

Ruled by the fascists Hindutva ideologues, Muslims are attacked and lynched in India. The Delhi pogrommes of February 2020 in which Muslims were brutally killed by the terrorists is for all to see, he pointed out.

Narendra Modi was denied entry in most Western countries for his involvements in the Gujrat massacre of 2002 killing hun­dreds of Muslims on his orders. 

The RSS, mothership of ruling BJP party has an armed militia of over 60,000, it was pointed out. They are responsible for kill­ing minorities of India. Swami Aseemanand, was arrested for the Samjhota train terror­ist attack but was allowed to walk free by Modi. The victims of Samjhota train attack await justice, the diplomat said.

Kulbhushan Yadav, an Indian RAW agent, has confessed of sponsoring mercenary ter­rorist in Pakistan. “He is a living proof of the Indian sponsorship of terrorism in Pa­kistan,” he said, adding such Indian agents have infested our region to spread chaos and mayhem in Pakistan.