KARACHI - Exhibition of paintings, portraits and photographs of Benazir Bhutto were put on display by the Department of Culture and Tourism, Sindh. Different moods of Benazir were displayed, as her 80 photographs and 30 portraits were exhibited at Arts Council; paint renowned painters and photographers of the City. In all her moods, she is vividly different and posing with a smile which is a hallmark of portraits. But about her photographs, they are primarily concern with her public and private life at large. In public photographs she has been seen sitting with MQM leader Altaf Hussain, sometimes in political meetings, in some descending the plane staircase and touching the native soil. In private photographs, she is lying on bed, probably ill and being kissed on the forehead by Nusrat Bhutto, many stills are with Zulfiqar Au Bhutto. Seldom shots with her siblings, one such indicating all the four children as school going kids of ZA Bhutto, on her marriage with Asif Ali Zardari and finally with her babies. The mighty collection portrays the life of a lady who led a war for democratic principles to govern the country. Inaugurating the event, the Minister for Culture and Tourism Sassi Palijo said, "There is no dearth of talent in the country, the exhibition is a great platform for exposing the youth's talent, it is a great way of paying tribute to Benazir, the legend. By March 2009 these paintings will travel to London for a finale." She further said these paintings give an insight into the life of a courageous woman who can be easily compared with Joan of Arc, Razia Sultana and Rani of Jhansi, though in contemporary times she i~ much stronger than any. She gave her life to restore democracy in the country. Shehla Raza, deputy speaker Sindh Assembly ~aid, "Benazir took pride in being a daughter of ZA Bhutto and lived to he~ n~rne. She came back to her country and gave her life for the nation." Furthering her statement she said that Bhuttoism was a philosophy and Bhutto was hanged because he did a lot for the Muslim Umrnah from creating the DIG to holding of the OPEC Conference and asserting strongly that the Group of 77 was not united on its platform and by making Pakistan a nuclear power. Secretary Culture and Tourism, Sindh Shams Jafrani said, "We are on the last leg of our tour, which started from the December 20, travelling from Larkana, Mirpurkhas, Sukkur and Hyderabad, the paintings are now being exhibited here." Present on the occasion was Nasreen Chandio, former MNA and current chairperson of the women wing of PPP, Sindh branch.