Obama is extremely lucky. The shoes incident during Bush's press conference in Baghdad was a godsend for Obama. The incident has forewarned Osama that whenever he addresses a press conference as president, he must ensure every journalist attending the conference must be barefooted. The shoes must be left in the custody of the watchmen outside the conference room. If, incidentally, some watchman is fascinated by some shoes and decamps with them, Osama must compensate the owner. A few dollars are nothing as compared with the risk of getting hit in the face by a pair of shoes. Bush has horrendously disfigured Iraq. The journalist, being hypersensitive, couldn't digest his motherland's insult. He must have been looking for an opportune moment to wreak vengeance. He must be determined to disfigure Bush as Bush had disfigured Iraq. The conference offered a splendid opportunity. Bush must thank his stars. The journalist missed his target. Obviously, he passionately wanted to hit Bush in the face. Had Bush been hit, the hitter could have disfigured Bush for good. A disfigured Bush would have become a symbol of punishment for his gratuities in Iraq. He would never have let his disfigurement to become an international curiosity. In order to conceal the disfigurement, he would have been forced to wear a mask for the rest of his life. Obviously, the journalist was not a professional hitter. His intention to hit Bush was an uncontrollable impulse. Had he been an experienced hitter, he would have used some more effective weapon. For example, he could have used his wrist-watch for the purpose. Obviously, a metallic weapon is more lethal than a lousy piece of leather. Moreover, a shoe is quite a sizeable thing. It is easily dodgeable as well as catehable. May be the journalist is ruing his blunder. The first duty of Obama's security personnel would be to de-shoe all the journalists attending his conference. The second duty would be to strip them of their wrist-watches. Obviously, watches are more tempting than shoes. The personnel responsible for removing the watches must themselves be watched by some other personnel so that they could not play foul. There is another weapon which the journalist could have used more effectively than his shoes or wrist-watch. It was his pen. A pen is virtually a miniature arrow both literally and figuratively. The journalist could have carried a tiny bow in his pocket and finding an appropriate moment fired his arrow straight into Bush's mouth. The speed of the arrow would positively have outwitted the spontaneous defence mechanism on Bush's part. When Obama starts addressing conferences, he must be extremely tense. Any moment of a speech duration could turn out to be a disastrous moment for his very existence. Is presidency worth the ordeal? But there is a way out. Obama should abolish all conferences and enjoy a conferenceless presidentship. Mrs Laura Bush, the First Lady, has thrown her condemnations at the journalist who threw his shoes at her husband. She claims that Iraq was a hell under Saddam. By despatching Saddam to hell, Bush pulled Iraq out of Saddam's hell. The journalist, according to the Lady, ought to have been grateful to Bush. Instead of throwing shoes at Bush, he ought to have showered flowers upon Bush as Iraq's liberator. Would that the Lady knew that the common Iraqis enjoyed a reasonably comfortable living under Saddam. For the Iraqis, Iraq was virtually a worldly paradise. Bush got jealous. Out of sheer jealousy, he transmuted Iraq into an inferno. There was another reason for Iraq's destruction by Bush. Iraq was a military power in the Middle East. Israel was nervous. Bush was more nervous. Israel is America's advanced military post in the Middle East. Bush was convinced that only Iraq's extinction could guarantee Israel's hegemony in the region. No wonder Bush destroyed Iraq. America's military supremacy has enabled Bush to establish himself as a supreme destroyer of the world peace. Against Bush's militarism there have been consistent demonstrations all over the world. Bush has enjoyed the demonstrations. The demonstrators must be cursing themselves for their stupidity. Bush kept promising to the Palestinians that a Palestinian state would be established before his departure from the White House. Bush is out of the House. But a Palestinian state is as far away as the day of judgement. Bush would carry his promise with him to his underground residence. What would his tombstone say? Let's not ask silly questions. Bush has said that during his farewell address he won't make any emotional appeal. The revelation that he is capable of being emotional is stunning. During his entire presidency tenure he was as emotions-proof like the predators of the jungle. He has a sense of humour. Perhaps he was joking. The writer is an academic