KARACHI - The Christians in Karachi Thursday celebrated Christmas Day with religious zeal and fervour. The Christians decorated and illuminating homes and churches. Special services were held at Churches across City including St Patrick Cathedral Saddar, Trinity Church off Zaibunissa Street. During the mass service, people prayed for nation's security and a prosperous year ahead. Christmas is celebrated to mark the Birthday of Jesus Christ. Christians feast, pray, wish each other well and enjoy the moments, valuing them as be sacred and blessed. Little school-going boys and girls had been seen rehearsing for tableaus and carols, participating in choir to add charm to the Christmas functions. Youth are interested in buying Christmas cards and gifts to show their love. Many can be seen composing songs to be sung at functions in connection with the Christmas. The main ritual of the Christmas celebration is decoration of Christmas tree to welcome the arrival of Santa Claus also known as Father Christmas. The Christmas tree is usually decked with different ornaments including small bells painted gold or silver, stars of different shapes and sizes, pine cones, apples, candies, tinsel and balloons made from glass, metal, wood and ceramic. Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations for the people belonging to the Christian faith. With the world becoming a global village, the spirit of Christmas crosses borders and people can see how enthusiastically the festival is celebrated at different places. Christmas brought a wave of colour, gifts and joys for people, as families flocked to various recreational parks and other public places to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. A number of bakeries introduced special Christmas packages for their customers, and attracted them by displaying signboards of "buy two cakes and get one free".