LAHORE - A petrol shortage in the City created a serious situation as all filling stations were closed from evening to late night on Thursday. It happened perhaps for the first time that not even a single petrol pump was selling petrol. Rickshaw drivers, motorcycle owners and car rental business had been hit the most by petrol shortage. "I have not been able to earn anything today. The provincial government must intervene and ensure a smooth supply of petrol at government rates," Hussain Ali, a rickshaw driver, said. "Our vehicles are parked in garages due to the shortage," Sohail Butt, who runs a rent-a-car business, said. The owners of filling stations started putting up handwritten notices, saying: "Petrol is not available". The petrol pump owners and the employees welcome the motorists with an advice 'Do not disturb please, petrol is not available'. "I went almost every hook and corner of the city in search of petrol but to no avail. I also contacted my friends and relatives residing in different areas of the provincial capital but they said that the petrol pumps falling in their localities have been declared 'no go areas' for the motorists", Muhammad Shahid, a resident of Mozang area told this scribe. The motorists were seen standing in long queues in front of the petrol pumps. Eyewitnesses said that a great rush was witnessed near the petrol pumps late night on Thursday. Exchange of hot words and scuffles between the petrol pump owners and the motorists were reported in the city. "Petrol pump owners were trying to create artificial shortage to earn huge profit from the motorists", a motorcyclist said. He said that the petrol pump employees also refused petrol to some ambulances despite the fact that the drivers informed that they wanted to shift some patients to the hospitals and any delay could prove to be fatal for the patients.