In a parliamentary system of government, the Governor is a nominee of the federation that performs the task of being the ceremonial head while all executive powers vest in the Chief Minister and powers to legislate with the provincial assembly. We have recently seen fate of the state Governor of Illinois who has been charged with seeking personal favours while exercising his constitutional right to nominate a Senator on the seat vacated by Barak Obama. In the American constitution, the state governors enjoy immense powers unlike Pakistan. Yet the powerful Governor of Illinois has to face the rap for behavior unbecoming a Governor. The constitution of Pakistan in its preamble states that no laws repugnant to provisions of Islam, or the spirit of constitution which is based on parliamentary democracy, would ever be passed. Our constitution is very clear about the role of public servants, about their accountability and strict censure for perjury, conflict of interest, financial or administrative impropriety, wastage of public funds and misuse of powers of discretion. The Governor's House is adorned with party banners, thereby making this a partisan office that is ill suited to represent the federation. -M.T. ALI, Lahore, via e-mail, December 18.