ISLAMABAD - India's ballistic missiles can carry both nuclear and conventional warheads that would lead to a nuclear conflict in the region in case of a war between India and Pakistan, reports the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, a renowned US magazine. The size and composition of India's nuclear arsenal is difficult to determine because all of its delivery systems can carry both nuclear and conventional warheads, according to the report prepared by key American defence experts Robert S Norris and Hans M Kristensen. It says that if India launches such missiles in case of a war with Pakistan, this could easily be mistaken by the latter for a nuclear strike and could prompt an immediate response, adding that this could result in a nuclear conflict in South Asia. It further says that ambiguity about size and composition of India's ballistic missiles could lead to regional stability. The magazine had also published a report about Pakistan's nuclear arsenal in 2007 but it did not express doubts about their size and composition. Pakistan possesses six types of ballistic missiles and three types of cruise missiles which have the capability of hitting targets deep inside India. These missiles include Abdali which has a range of 180km, Ghaznavi (290km), Shaheen-I (750km), Shaheen-II (2,000 to 25,000km) Ghauri-I (1,300km) and Ghauri-II (2,000km). Cruise missile Babar, which can be launched both from sea and air, has a range of 750km. All missiles which Pakistan has can carry nuclear warhead.