LAHORE - Sensitive Agencies on Thursday arrested three more Indian nationals from Shafiqabad area in connection with the explosives laden vehicle blast that took place on Wednesday in GOR-II claiming life of a woman and injuries to four others, The Nation has reliably learnt. The arrested were identified as Ram Kumar, Ram Chandar, real brothers and their accomplice Parkash. They all were residing in a rented house in Shafiqabad area for the last six months. The arrests came on the pointation of the Indian spy Satish Anand Shukla who had already been arrested by the agencies from the surroundings of the GOR-II soon after the blast incident. It has been reliably learnt that these all four arrested criminals are Indian spies and have strong links with the GOR-II blast. Some sensitive documents and material was also recovered from their possession besides cell phones through which they used to contact each other, the sources said, adding, that they all three were living in the City with changed names. During interrogation, the three Indian nationals informed the investigators that their another accomplice was residing in Bahawalpur. On this information the law-enforcing agencies carried out raid in Bahwalpur but their accomplice had already escaped from the site pointed out by the arrested Indian nationals. The police and law-enforcement agencies are giving special attention towards the walled City, which has turned into the hub of business and other activities for the Indian nationals and Hindus. A police officer seeking anonymity told this scribe that the Indian spy Satish Anand Shukla was arrested from Lohari Gate and his other three accomplices were also held from walled City, which showed that this area was being used by the Indian nationals or Hindus for criminal activities. Police has been assigned a special task to launch a search drive in the hotels, rented houses, restaurants and other such public places in the walled City to check network of more Indians. A source privy to the police team, which is conducting investigations of the GOR blast incident, revealed that the police on Thursday found a used scratch card from the wreckage near the blast site. The police will contact the concerned cell phone company to get examine the scratch card and for other details in this regard, the source further said. The Superintendent Police (SP) Investigation Civil Lines Dr. Haider Ashraf said that police investigators also found a remote control cell phone from the blast site, which has been handed over to the Special Investigation Group of FIA. Police believe that the said remote control cell phone was used to blow up explosive-laden official vehicle in GOR, he said ,adding, that further investigations are under way. To a query, the SP said that arrested driver of the Government Fisheries Department Muhammad Fayyaz did not give any important information to the police during interrogation regarding the incident.