Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has held a classified security meeting with the NCA, which oversees the country's nuclear arsenal. The top-level meeting, held on December 20, was kept secret to avoid fueling the 'war hysteria' between India and Pakistan, The Times of India reported on Thursday. The report comes amid speculations that recent strained relations between the two nuclear-armed states, with a history of three wars between them since 1947, could escalate into war. The daily down played the Nuclear Command Authority (NCA) meeting's significance, and cited sources as saying the gathering was not relevant to the intensifying row with Pakistan. The sources stressed the meeting's 'only intention' was "to take decisions on the further consolidation of India's nuclear deterrence." New Delhi tried this week to allay fears of an imminent war with Pakistan, which has repeatedly urged its neighbour to uphold the fragile peace in the region. Relation between New Delhi and Islamabad was strained over the last month's deadly terror attacks on India's economic capital, Mumbai. The Indian premier said on Tuesday that India shared Pakistan's aversion to a military aggression, adding that 'nobody wanted war'. "Nuclear weapons are not for war-fighting or even threatening anybody. Any talk of them coming into play is totally absurd. We have a very clear self-declared no-first use policy," the paper quoted an unnamed source. Pakistan's lawmakers on Wednesday called India's 'hasty' allegations against Islamabad 'unsubstantiated', urging an end to the 'war hype' resonating between the two neighbours. Meanwhile, Indian security agencies in Gujarat have been put on maximum alert along with Palanpur and Kutch district in view of recent development on Indo-Pak border in Rajasthan. Director General Border Security Force, ML Kumavat has said that BSF is vigilant on the western border frontier and is capable of dealing with any eventualities. He denied reports that people in border villages on western border with Pakistan have been asked to vacate.