Ayub celebrated 'The decade of progress' after ten years of his rule. Mr. Zardari does it every 100 days. In the last 300 days of PPP, the government has remained a victim of quacks due to its own incompetence, misgoverence and corruption, which is literally ruling the roost. In the process the poor have been devastated by the highest ever prices we saw of daily essentials, utility charges, GST, loadshedding, shortages and malpractices. Mr. Zardari's appointed trainload of ministers are all misfits but especially those that have charge of electricity, finance, foreign affairs and petroleum etc. Thus, the economy is in jeopardy, security a joke as Islamabad slaves for IMF while the US drones invade our land. Meanwhile, India has clamped down on our waters and is saber rattling on the Mumbai issue, doing violations of our airspace. Our incompetent UN representative has allowed India to tarnish our image, indeed got us effectively declared a terrorist sate by accepting the JuD ban. -MOHAMMAD JAMAL, Jehlum, via e-mail, December 18.