The old adage: "Birds of the same feather flock together," does not imply only structural congruence, but essentially the attitudinal predisposition. The Saffron Sensibility characteristic of Hindutva, the Neocons and the Zionists, have a mindset, as if a boiling cauldron of antipathy against Pakistan. It is this congenital hatred which brings "strange bedfellow together." The ultimate objective is to establish Indian hegemony over South Asia, including Afghanistan (now considered part of South Asia by Pentagon). Pakistan is the stumbling block to be softened-up. Thus the callous blood bath of Mumbai on November 26 was enacted by Mossad, CIA and RAW " the Saffron Nexus " to defame Pakistan in the comity of nations and lend justification for punitive action. The pressure is continuously being mounted on the western borders, while the threat of 'surgical strikes' against Pakistan continues to extract strategic advantages. Pakistan has shown undue haste in implementing the UNSC resolution and the crack-down on Jamat-ud-Dawah, not realising the blatant disregard of UNSC resolutions on Kashmir, by India, for the last sixty years. It was a diplomatic blunder, Pakistan will continue to suffer the consequences. The Bush administration seems to have convinced Obama to carry the Saffron Nexus flag forward and implement the strategy of Indian hegemony over South Asia. This strategy will not work, and Obama's downward slide will begin from here. Condoleezza Rice has made a firm assertion that "should Pakistan not comply to India, it will collapse." What cheeks General Mullen is even more ridiculous to advise Pakistan to "bear some attacks of India and not think of retaliation." Rice and Mullen, perhaps, are shielding the proponents of Hindu Fundamentalism and notoriously known politicians such as Modi, Advani, Ball Thackeray and whole lot of militant institutions such as RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena and yet it projects itself as a Secular country. Mumbai episode has to be seen in this context. Pakistan will not provide justification, when India under the influence of USA and Israel is itching for a military adventure. But how 'fortunes change is the spectacular game', history often plays " Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon are the most glorious examples. No doubt, it was a homegrown conspiracy of the Hindu militant groups in collusion with Mossad. The very few terrorists (ten only) who took over Taj, Oberai hotels and the railway station, their main purpose was to create a facade of a foreign terrorist group attack from Pakistan. It was also to provide the cover-up to eliminate Hemant Karkare and the officers of Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS), for the reason that Karkare was a brave nationalist officer, who was trying to expose the terrorist involvement of the Saffron Brigade, in the Malegaon Blasts. The main culprit, Praggya Singh " an army officer, along with other noted personalities of the BJP, RSS, Bajrang Dal and VHP were arrested. Karkare and other members of ATS thus were eliminated, to cover-up the real crime. The Indian scholar, Arundhati Roy, in her recent article titled 9 is not 11 and November isn't September exposes the reality behind the Mumbai Mayhem, Extracts: "In circumstances like these, air strikes to 'take-out' terrorist camps may take out the camps but certainly will not 'take-out' the terrorists. Neither will war. (Also, in our bid for the moral high ground, let's try not to forget that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelan, the LTTE of neighbouring Sri Lanka, one of the world's most deadly terrorist groups, were trained by the Indian Army." "If at this point India decides to go to war perhaps, the descent of the whole region into chaos will be complete." "It's hard to understand why those who steer India's ship are so keen to replicate Pakistan's mistakes and call damnation upon this country by inviting the United States to further meddle clumsily and dangerously in our extremely complicated affairs. A superpower never has allies. It only has agents" "It's an understanding that the people of Kashmir, given their dreadful experiences of the last twenty years, have honed to an exquisite art. On the mainland we're still learning. (If Kashmir won't willingly integrate into India, it's beginning to look as though India will integrate/disintegrate into Kashmir." "We have a military occupation in Kashmir and a shamefully persecuted, impoverished minority of more than a hundred and fifty million Muslims who are being targeted as a community and pushed to the wall, whose young see no justice on the horizon, and who, were they to totally lose hope and radicals, end up as a threat not just to India, but to the whole world. If ten men can hold off the NSG commandos, and the police for three days and if it takes half a million soldiers to hold down the Kashmir valley, do the math. What kind of Homeland Security can secure India.?" "The only way to contain (It would be nave to say end) terrorism is to look at the monster in the mirror. We're standing at a fork in the road. One sign says 'Justice' the other 'Civil War'. There's no third sign and there's no going back, Choose." Indian army is radicalised as a result of 'military and Hindu extremists' collusion. Indian conventional military capability is limited. In 2002 full military deployment failed to achieve anything. Nuclear deterrence is working perfectly. What matters therefore is the conventional military capability. India's options, therefore, are limited. We have enough information to identify the intelligence network working from inside Afghanistan, to accurately determine the nefarious designs of the Saffron Nexus in occupied Afghanistan. The nerve centre is at Jabal-us-Seraj, manned and operated by CIA, Raw, Mossad, MI-6 and BND (German intelligence). It's a huge set-up with concrete buildings, antennas and all the modern electronic gadgetry one can conceive of. Its out-posts are Sarabi and Kandahar against Pakistan; Faizabad, against China; Mazar-e-Sharif, against Russia and Central Asian States and Herat against Iran. Thus, Afghanistan has become the hub of regional conspiracies. Our enemies are trying to portray Pakistan as a failed state, whereas, politically Pakistan is stable and united as never before. 2008 elections provide political unity. No extremist elements were elected. The only secessionist movement in Balochistan is under control. The tribal conflict on the western borders is due to the Indo-US interference from Afghanistan which will fade-away with the defeat of the occupation forces in Afghanistan. The problem on our western borders is not worrisome, because the tribals of the area including FATA are fiercely loyal to Pakistan. In case of war/threat of war with India, the tribals will ensure security of the western borders and will directly confront the occupation forces in Afghanistan, blowing-up the ongoing conflict in the face of the occupation forces. ISI helped defeat Soviet occupation during the period 1980-88. It is now helping to defeat Indo-US inroads in our tribal areas. The pressures and blames on ISI are meant to force Pakistan to curtail its sphere of responsibility. The ISI provides the first line of defence which must be strengthened to match Pakistan's military strength, which is much more balanced now than in the past. Added to Pakistan's offensive-defence capability is the support of the Islamic Resistance (IR) " with bases astride Pak-Afghan borders. IR has defeated Soviets during the 80s; defeated the Israelis in Lebanon in 2005; the Americans in Iraq and now the combined forces of America and EU are facing defeat in Afghanistan. M J Akbar, the Indian scholar, rightly said: "These are the shadow armies, led by committed believers", who have defeated the mightiest of the mighty, in the last twenty-five years. What will happen in Kashmir, when the occupation forces retreat from Afghanistan, should serve as a warning to Indian occupation forces there. Does India have the heart to win against them, as the civil society in Kashmir also has risen to claim the right of self-determination? PAF high altitude limited interception capability will be compensated by other means and resources now available. Pakistan's nuclear capability maintains a credible deterrence with India. "It is not a weapon of war nor it compensates for Pakistan conventional military capability." Pakistan's military policy thus is based on its conventional military forces, to defeat Indian aggression. Pakistan, therefore, must maintain balance between defence and diplomatic policies to ward-off pressures from India and USA, while remaining prepared to fight a full fledged war and "carry the war into the Indian territory," implementing the offensive defence concept. Pakistan must continue to help defeat occupation of Afghanistan " 'The Mother of all Evils'. Peace will return to the entire region, with the defeat of occupation forces in Afghanistan. Internally, "Pakistan's only weakness is its top political leadership and weak diplomacy." Our foreign office seems to be in a state of deep slumber. Externally, the "occupation of Afghanistan" is the main source of trouble, spurred by the Saffron Nexus, which has given India a false sense of hope and strength, and the resultant sabre rattling. India is enjoying the strategic partnership with USA as we enjoyed it in the past and suffered humiliations and betrayal. Indian quest for South Asian hegemony is a wild dream. Do they think that countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka would accept their hegemony. If history is any guide, this will never happen. God bless India. India has limited options: "Do justice to the minorities and the Dalits or suffer social break-up, civil war and disintegration." The writer is a former chief of army staff E-mail: