BAGHDAD (AFP) - At least five Iraqis were killed and scores were injured on Christmas day attacks in Iraq, the government and the US military said. Most of the deaths occurred in a car bomb attack in the predominantly Shia district of Shola in northeastern Baghdad, officials from the interior and defence ministries told AFP. "Four people were killed and 13 wounded when a car bomb that was parked on the side of the road blew up," an interior ministry official said, adding that women were among the wounded. Also Thursday, a bomb exploded in the Shia neighbourhood of Kadhimiyah in western Baghdad, the US military said. "A civilian was killed. Eleven civilians and three policemen were wounded in the attack," it said. Meanwhile, an American soldier died on Thursday when militants launched a mortar or rocket attack near the northern Iraq city of Mosul, the US military said in a statement. It said the soldier "died of wounds as a result of an indirect fire attack near Mosul," Iraq's second largest city that is the regarded by the US military as the last urban bastion of Al-Qaeda in Iraq. The US military uses the term "indirect fire" to indicate a mortar or rocket attack.