The matter of Shahzain Bugtis arrest by the Frontier Corps on the charge of carrying a cache of arms in his motorcade has now been taken to an anti-terrorism court. It is hoped that justice would prevail at all costs and that with the coming out of the truth, the worry and unrest which followed his arrest would end. The issue is quite complex especially when seen against the backdrop of the prevailing troubles in the province. The longstanding pain of its people has yet to alleviated. It is a pity that the government despite making an apology for the past wrongs, has yet to practically come up with something that could be seen as the fulfilment of its commitment. Hollow promises coupled with a callous neglect of basic issues like poverty and unemployment and a worsening law and order situation has considerably increased resentment among the people. The way forward lies in implementing the Aaghe-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan Package in letter and in spirit. Meanwhile, Mian Nawaz Sharif has conveyed his concern to Prime Minister Gilani over the arrest. He compared the development to the harsh and arbitrary style in which General Musharraf treated the Baloch. It is good to know that the Prime Minister assured him that the inquiry would be conducted in a fair and impartial manner. However at the same time, the Bugti clan must not allow the emotions to get the better of them and must trust the judicial authorities currently looking into the incident. It is understandable that years of friction between the centre and the province has led to a tremendous amount of trust deficit and provoked Talal Bugti to comment on Friday that the recovery of cache of arms from Shahzain was stage-managed meant to defame the clan; yet at the same time, he ought to be mindful of the fact that strikes, protests and public disturbance, in Quetta or elsewhere in Balochistan, would aggravate the political temperature in the province. Indeed, when the region is like a tinder box and with plenty of trouble makers waiting for the right opportunity to put a match to it, there is need to remain calm. The sudden outburst of anger among the Bugti tribe will be counterproductive. Throwing the province in a state of agitation would amount to playing into the hands of those who have been scheming to wrest Balochistan from the country. The best way the aggrieved family could hope to get justice is by adopting a lawful course. The independent judiciary in the country should be trusted to dispense justice without fear or favour.