ISLAMABAD - Not much has changed as far as the humanitarian aid for the millions of Pakistans calamities-hit masses is concerned, even though the donors released the Damage Needs Assessment (DNA) report over a month ago. Despite the repeated assurances given by the donors that Pakistans humanitarian situation would improve after the launch of DNA report by World Bank and Asian Development Bank, the plight of Pakistans over 15 million calamity-ridden masses comprising both flood affectees and South Waziristans internally displaced persons is likely to prevail due to the leaning humanitarian funding situation. Earlier, last month, senior Saudi diplomat Saleh Al Mugheeri, Japanese diplomat Mago Saki and Chief Representative of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (Sichuan Council) Wu Jin Song, had told The Nation that their respective countries would allocate substantial funds for the Pakistans humanitarian assistance after the release of DNA report, which was released on November 14. The existing funding situation for over 14.2 million flood-hit people, who stand in need of emergent humanitarian help amid tough weather conditions, as well as around 1 million SWA IDPs, does not present a very encouraging picture. The UN data shows that $979 million or 50.5 percent are collected of the total needed $1.9 billion in Pakistan Floods Emergency Response Plan (PFERP) while 47.40 percent or $313 million of the required $661 million are received under Pakistan Humanitarian Response Plan (PHRP) that administers humanitarian aid for SWA IDPs. In addition, the UN has so far received a total of $1.95 billion and $470 million for the flood affectees and SWA IDPs respectively in the ongoing year while the DNA report estimates the total losses caused by flash floods at $10.06 billion. The UN humanitarian update released on December 23, 2010 points to the extremely slow pace of funds collected in the ongoing month. Though over $975.6 million has been contributed against the Pakistan Floods Emergency Response Plan, very little additional funding has been in the past month. Yet more generous support is needed from the donor community to meet the massive scale of early recovery-needs across the country, it says. Overall, Saudi Arabia has contributed $391 million, Japan $53 million and China $18 million to Pakistans humanitarian assistance during this year but no fresh aid pledge has been registered with the UN by either of these countries after DNA reports launch. Saudi Arabias pledge of $55 million and Chinas $29 million were registered earlier this year. Although Pakistan and China had signed different economic packages worth over $35 billion during Chinese Prime Ministers recent tour to Pakistan, the humanitarian funding scenario remained unchanged. Substantial humanitarian funds would be allocated for Pakistans humanitarian assistance after we finalise our budget allocations earlier next year, Wu Jin Song told The Nation on Saturday.