Prevailing circumstances in Pakistan have proved that our rulers and their cronies have no love for Pakistan and its people. They blackmail the people in the name of various issues like democracy, enforcing rule of law, making country a heaven for the people, introduction of land reforms, weeding out corruption, lowering down the prices to a reasonable level, providing job opportunities on merits etc. Practically these slogans are mere tactics to befool the people. In fact, these rulers come to power turn by turn to gather the loot which they shift to foreign banks and once they are thrown out of power they escape to foreign lands along with their families where they again prepare to return to the country to secure power with the use of money they have plundered. This practice is continuing for decades. At present about billions of rupees are lying in Switzerland banks which belong to the people of Pakistan. Its details and possible positive results if this money is transferred to Pakistan have been explained by a director of Switzerland bank directors that is as under. He stated that, Pakistanis are poor but Pakistan is not a poor country, says one of the Swiss Bank Directors. He says that the great amount of Pak rupees deposited in Swiss Banks can be used for: tax free budgets for 30 years. He also said that this money could not only provide 6o million jobs to all Pakistan but disband the need for World Bank and IMF loans. Think how our money is stolen and blocked by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. We must neither ignore nor forgive corruption at any level in our country. Gangly Khan, Mandi Bahauddin