December 26, 2010 marks the 16th anniversary of Parveen Shakirs death. Millions of people in South Asia continue to suffer from the loadshedding. She fell victim to a car accident which occurred due to loadshedding. On the morning of December 26, 1994, she was commuting to her work in Islamabad when her car reached the Faisal road and Margalla road intersection, where the traffic light was out due to loadshedding. As a result, her car was hit by a speeding bus. Thus loadshedding claimed the life of an outstanding and original poet who was only 42 years old and had yet to reach the zenith of her creative potential. In 1977, a nascent Parveen Shakir announced her arrival on the Urdu literary horizon by publishing her first collection titled Khusboo (fragrance). In the introduction of Khusboo, describing the nature oftitle she wrote: When the breeze kissed the flower, fragrance (Kushboo) was born. The use of unorthodox and novel approachesto express emotions in a free form made her an instant celebrity among the young and old Urdu poetry readers. The boldnessof her style alsogave a feminine voice to the Urdu Ghazal, which for ages was taken hostage by masculine voices. Parveen Shakir not only transformed her experiences and emotions into poetic couplets but also boldly gave a voice to the women issues, talking about them was considered a taboo at the time. Parveen Shakir was a prolific poetess so much so that even Faiz Ahmad Faiz was surprised by her copious talent and output. It is a pity we lost such a shining star only because of loadshedding. Dr. A. Khan USA