India presented itself as 'Shining India in various fields to the international community and tried to drive a diplomatic, economic and military mileage out of this slogan. But this fantasy world collapsed when the other bitter side of India came to the fore. The Indian print and electronic media highlighted the different faces of corruption, nepotism and self-serving tactics. Recently the case of Adarsh Society scandal has created a media hype. It got more publicity due to its link with the Indian army. The thirty one story building has flats which were meant for the defence personnel and Kargil war widows. But due to location and high price value they were distributed on low rates to politicians and senior army officers. The case is under investigation and no one knows how many more cats are going to come out of bags. The Bofors scandal in 1989 is still remembered as a big scandal causing India embarrassment as well as demoralization in the army. The Bofors scam was just Rs. 64 crore and it created a blow to the political set up that the Congress party lost elections. But the new corruption scandal is going to break the records as corruption of Rs. 18,000 crore has taken place in a submarine deal. The year also witnessed scandals and scams related to top political leadership of India. The biggest scam considered is 2 G Spectrum related to Union Telecom Minister. The minister sold the spectrum company to shell companies and caused a loss of Rs. 1,70, 000.00 to the Indian govt. India also had face utter embarrassment when the rice export scam came to light for the first time in the history of India. Ghana an African country asked for probe in the scandal. It all happened when there is ban on exporting rice. Just for the sake of minting money the Indian minister sent rice to African nations and forgot that there were millions in India who sleep with hungry stomachs. It is also no secret that there is cash for vote as it happened that members of the Indian provincial assembly offered cash to vote in favour of government regarding trust vote over nuclear deals. The Common Wealth Games scam is also a big slur on Indian democracy and transparency. The IPL scam involved three ministers who had dubious links with IPL teams. The disclosures are in the media for some time, but the accountability system is so weak that nothing has been done to bring the culprits to justice. Anwar Parween, Rawalpindi