Pakistan has won the Asian hockey title held at Guangzo, China, beating Malaysia 2-0 in the finals. Pakistan has won the hockey title after a lapse of two decades for the 8th time. On the way to finals, Pakistan beat South Korea on penalty strokes in a cliff-hanger, denying South Korea a hat-trick. Earlier, Korea had won the hockey title two times in a row. In the Semi-final against Korea Salman Akbar the custodian of Pakistan hockey team, put up an exceptional display of goalkeeping. It was reminiscent of excellent performance of Shahid Ali Khan and Mansoor Ahmad. The players have filled the nation with pride and the whole country is overjoyed over this memorable victory. Pakistans hockey team has been in the doldrums since long. This victory will go a long way towards reviving the game of hockey which has been on the decline because of the deplorable state of affairs in Pakistan Hockey Federation leading to the teams consistent defeats. The Government has announced handsome awards and prizes for the victorious hockey team. No doubt it is a good step on the part of the people at the helm of affairs. This encouragement will generate interest among hockey lovers which was diminishing because of poor performance of hockey team. The game of hockey needs to be revived at grassroots level. In the past, people at the helm of affairs for lack of foresight committed this mistake of neglecting the game at this basic level. Consequently, the game of hockey had to pay a heavy price. Unfortunately, the Hockey Federation did not groom the junior players to step in the shoes of the stalwarts and departing stars. In 1986, we lost the world cup and Asian hockey title within a couple of weeks. Sports quota at educational institutions, abolished by the previous governments should be restored. .The government departments did not provide jobs to the players because of ban on provision of jobs. As a consequence, the players cannot excel or compete at international level. It is necessary to provide jobs to the players in various departments on permanent basis. This step on the part of the government will play a vital role in confirming Pakistans superiority in the game of hockey which Pakistan has been dominating for a long time in the past. Without financial incentives and permanent jobs we cannot resuscitate this game and bring the people back to hockey stadiums which are presenting a deserted look. ZAHID LATIF, Sahiwal.