RAWALPINDI – The 4th death anniversary of two times democratically elected Prime Minister and PPP Chairperson Benazir Bhutto is likely to pass as usual this year leaving many questions unanswered among the people as well as jiyalas about her mysterious assassination.

Despite the long trial being held in an anti-terrorism court in Rawalpindi, the people across the country are still eager to know the unresolved mystery with the hope that PPP-led government was in the power to expose the culprits.

People from various walks of life, some die-hard PPP leaders and Jiyalas express dismay over the indifferent attitude of the government and PPP leaders towards unearthing the mystery despite public announcement that the government had traced the real killers and would expose them at some proper time.

Naheed Khan, former political secretary of Benazir Bhutto, expressed deep concern over the failure of Zardari government in unveiling the killers of BB even after four years of her death. Coming down hard on PPP government, she showed concerns over the way of interrogation being launched into the case by FIA on the directions of government. “FIA never held such a high powered interrogation in any case.”

She said: “People as well as Jiyalas get very emotional on every passing death anniversary of BB and demand the killers’ arrest, but President Zardari very tactfully cools them down. She said that Zardari and Gilani, who came into power by getting sympathy votes, have changed their priorities and utilizing all abilities to prolong their rule. 

Naheed said they would face difficulties when they go to public to beg votes in next elections. “We are not living in 1952 when an elected Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan was killed and his assassins still remained at large.”

Naheed called upon the PPP workers to get united and press the Zardari-Gilani duo to unmask the BB’s killers.

Senator Dr Safdar Abbasi during an interaction with this scribe said: “President Zardari, Prime Minister Yusaf Raza Gillani and their cronies are striving hard to prolong their tenure but doing nothing to put the killers of the BB behind the bars.”

He said that the government did nothing during first year after tragic death of BB in a gun-and-bomb attack except handing over the interrogation to UN and Scotland Yard in a bid to shut down the mouths of critics. “The non-seriousness on the part of government has disheartened the Jiyalas,” he said, adding: “Some outsiders have hijacked the party who are not letting the leadership go in right direction.”

Background interviews with some PPP die-hard jiyalas reveal that Interior Minister Rehman A Malik and Dr Baber Awan have complete knowledge about the murderers. “Malik and Baber should be arrested and interrogate by some independent and neutral commission” they said, wondering why the PPP leadership is wasting so much time for unmasking the killers.

 “The matter is in court. I can’t add anything in it. That’s it,” was the reply from President’s spokesman Farhat Ullah Baber in a really harsh tone when he was contacted to know his views on the delay.

FIA Prosecutor Chaudhry Zulfiqar said the case being heard by Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in Rawalpindi would end in March end. “The prosecution has presented 11 witnesses so far for recording their statements. He said that he had filed three applications in ATC pleading the court to hold day-to-day hearing in the case.

While Khurram M Qureshi, a defense lawyer, strongly opposed FIA Prosecutor by saying “No conclusion of this case is in sight in near future as the prosecution had presented only 11 witnesses out of 150 witnesses before the court”. He said FIA could not prove anybody guilty on the bases of forensic reports. “Only time will prove that how many people have to face humiliation in BB murder case” he said.