On 15th December, 2011 an illustrious son of the sacred soil of Pakistan departed for his final abode. He lives and will continue to live in the hearts and souls of all Pakistanis. Air Marshal Noor Khan besides being Commander in Chief of The Pakistan Air Force, an institution proud of its achievements and progress, he mounted the prestige of The Pakistan International Airlines and brought fame and laurels to its name world over. Surely the aviation industry owes him a debt that can hardly be paid back.

In business too his share of introduction of the chains of the International Hotels cannot be forgotten. Above all his interests, in the field of games and sports the world recognised Pakistan through his untiring efforts. It was his dynamic guidance alone that Pakistan was prized with the Hockey World Cup. His contribution in promotion of cricket, squash and other games also cannot be ignored. He himself was a very fond and keen tennis player. It was solely through his patronage that the sportsmen and players were given due recognition and were respectably employed. He was a thorough gentleman in the truest sense of word and spirit. His awe inspiring bearing, smart stature and personality with extreme courtesy and politeness with a firm, confident, determined and tenacious attitude were enough to overcome any obstruction or obstacle in his positive orientation. Yet he was humble, charitable, humane and God fearing individual.

He had tremendous amount of patience. He listened to suggestions and recommendations even from the most insignificant individuals. I have personally known him and had the honour of working under his command and thus can keep on recounting his fine qualities perhaps that can make a thick book. Although many incidence and anecdotes can be quoted on various aspects of his traits, suffice it to say that my heart bleeds on the loss of such a fine individual.


December 23.