PESHAWAR - PML-Q, KP, President Amir Muqam Sunday said majority of the provincial leadership of his party has mandated him to form his own PML faction in order to safeguard and raise voice for the rights of the oppressed people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Fata in an effective manner.

“We know well that Pakhtuns had been ignored by rulers in the past. I will say whether it was PPP or PML-N, they have never sincerely thought about resolving Pakhtuns problems. It is unfortunate,” he said while talking to TheNation, adding that, “we are likely to form a party that would truly represent Pakhtuns from KP and Fata. In this connection most recently, office-bearers of the party from Malakand division and two districts including Kohistan and Battagram, from Hazara and PML-Q sitting and former members of both the provincial and national assemblies have given him a signal to go ahead to form their own faction of the PML. Soon, I will meet the party office-bearers from Southern districts, Hazara division and other districts so as to get their version and take formal steps toward the goal.

After doing this, I will take people of Fata into confidence.  He said they would be in a better position to protect Pakhtun’s rights by having their own party.

He rebuffing the news items speculating that he might join PTI or N League, said that he would not join any party at all, as he was not doing constituency-based politics.

He said his topmost priority was to serve the entire nation, for which he would decide what he thought better for them. He said though leadership of the PML-N and PTI contacted him time and again, yet he would not join these parties.

Amir Muqam said majority of the PML-Q KP workers opposed the party’s alliance with PPP, arguing that it would lead to differences with the party top brass. He said there was a strong feeling among the party workers that the PML-Q and PML-N leadership was insincere with people of the province.