A report published by the Los Angeles Times quotes certain officials of the American Administration, who were speaking on the condition of anonymity, that a break in the drone attacks has been because of the need to end the current tension with Pakistan that has become quite acute in the wake of the Salalah attack. These officials also told the newspaper that although some of the high profile militant commanders have been shot dead as a result of the aerial strikes, but since these attacks were destabilising the government of President Zardari, the Obama Administration has thought it fit to suspend them.

If only the federal government had earlier taken a firm stand against these strikes, we would have been spared the loss of so many innocent citizens and continued violation of our territory. The backlash and violence prevailing in the country could also have been obviated. The real reason why the drone attacks have stopped, is to encourage the restoration of the Nato supply lines. Troops across Afghanistan have been badly hit without fuel, ration and war equipment. Their operations have also been reduced and Nato forces are hard put, since the option of conveying supplies through the air route from the Central Asian Republics is too costly.

However, the US' genuine regret of the Salalah incident has not yet been conveyed through an official apology. Nor would the same General have been appointed the head of the inquiry committee, who was reportedly responsible for ordering the attack that killed 25 of our troops. So far not in a mood to tender an apology, the US instead continues to add insult to injury. The promised criminal proceedings to be initiated against Raymond Davis, are no where on the horizon. Aid and compensation for losses in the war on terror is promised, but fails to materialize. Reports about Pakistan in the US press do nothing to convey a true picture of Pakistan and the myriad of problems it is entrapped in, not all of which are self-inflicted. In such a situation, what option does Pakistan have except to strengthen its relationship with China and also Russia. Putting all our eggs in the American basket has bought us a great deal of grief, thus far.