ISLAMABAD - Besides plethora of other reservations including non-cooperation of bureaucracy, Federal Information Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan Sunday finally decided to tender her resignation when she found a non-cabinet member and former information minister briefing the cabinet on her place, TheNation learnt reliably.

However, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani did not accept her resignation and decided to have a sitting with Firdous today (Monday) to address her reservations.

Well-placed sources said when Firdous made entry in the special cabinet meeting she saw former information minister Qamar Zaman Kaira, a non-cabinet member, briefing the cabinet on ‘Vision of Quaid abaout Pakistan and Government Efforts in Translating it into Reality’ on her place.

Firdous, who had also other grievances from alleged non-cooperative attitude of bureaucracy, felt insulted and could not control her emotions and decided to tender resignation in the cabinet meeting, sources privy to the incident shared with TheNation.

Talking to TheNation, Minister for Information Firdous said everyone had right to raise voice on her right. “I am loyal with the party and will accept all the decisions of leadership in letter and spirit,” she said adding, she had conveyed all her reservations openly.

“I am straight forward person so expressed my reservations, but I will continue to accept all the decisions of party leadership,” she said.

To a question about Monday’s meeting with the prime minister, she said she was going to meet with prime minister but its agenda was different.

Meanwhile, sources say Firdous, expressing her feeling in the cabinet meeting, made it clear by saying ‘I prefer to resign when I have no control over subordinates’.

It is relevant to mention here that Firdous, on the floor of the house a couple of weeks ago, responding to questions regarding performance of Pakistan Television (PTV) had said that PTV’s managing director had given a fig to her instructions so she could offer no answer.

The information minister reportedly in her rant against the MD PTV said, “These portfolios are transient in nature and thus calls for satisfying the fellow MPs otherwise ministerial post holds no water.”

“Though, on paper, I am his boss, I really don’t know to whom is MD PTV accountable, as he pays no heed to my official directives,” she had replied.

On it, taken aback by the information minister’s assertion, prime minister reportedly made a brief statement saying, “She is the boss of MD PTV and if she is facing some problems in handling the situation, she should come and see me privately.”

Sources said in order to address further grievances Prime Minister Gilani had asked the information minister to meet him on Monday (today) at noon.