LAHORE- Senior PPP leader Khalid Ahmad Khan Kharal, who is now going to join Imran Khan’s party in next few days, has claimed that many former PPP ticket holders and sitting MPAs were in contact with him to join the new party. Talking to TheNation, Kharal said that he was all set to join the PTI in the presence of Imran Khan, most probably on December 27 or 28, along with supporters, mostly belonging to Faisalabad and T.T Singh. 

“It is now a matter of few days that I would be joining a new party to struggle for the rights of people from its platform”, he said, adding that many of his old colleagues had expressed their desire to join the PTI along with him.  When insisted to disclose the names of other PPP men who were determined to join Iran’s party, Mr Kharal agreed to divulge a few names only. “At this stage, I can disclose names of only those persons who have allowed to me to reveal their names”, he answered. According him, a former PPP provincial minister form Wazirabad, Ch Shah Nawaz Cheema, a sitting PPP MPA from Faisalabad, Shah Jahan Kharal, a former district president of PPP from T.T Singh, Ch Ashfaq and former ticket holder from Jaranwala, Khizer Hayat have given their consent to join the PTI among others.

Unlike Kharal’s claim, Rai Shah Jahan Kharal, however, rejected reports of his joining the new party.