Mian Nawaz Sharif talks of the Lal Masjid at every opportunity. To understand the matter properly I need a few clarifications.

Why had they collected such a potent arsenal of very  lethal weapons and where and against whom was it to be used?

The students were obviously given training in their use, again to what purpose. It is often claimed that the survivors and the families of the students then started the terrorism that has pervaded our country. Does this not prove that these students were trained and brainwashed to become terrorists and suicide bombers?

Given more time how many more students would have been brainwashed and how big and more dangerous their arsenal of lethal weapons have grown. It needs to be stressed that the students had exhibited their propensity to violence by their intimidating marches through the streets of Pindi, the abductions and land grabbing. Is this what we should expect to  get in a new term from Mian Sahib. He really should control his single minded hated of Musharraf; it has clouded and vitiated his judgment.

A. RAUF YUSUF, Lahore,

December 24.