Nation headlines:

Dec 24 – ‘Processing industry worst victim of gas load shedding’.

Dec 23 – ‘Energy crisis hits textile industry'

Dec 23 – ‘Karachi CNG stations to remain closed today’.

Dec 23 – ‘PM for immediate steps to resolve gas supply issue’.

Never mind industry, what of the problems we are facing in our homes because of low gas pressure and on the roads because of closure of CNG stations.

The limited supply of gas is being spread very thin over four sectors:

i) industry, ii) homes, iii) CNG stations and  iv) power generation. There is no alternative for the first three but there is for the fourth – Thar Coal and Hydel Power. Not Thar Coal or Hydel Power but Thar Coal and Hydel Power. Who is to tell this to the goof who is talking of “Immediate steps to resolve gas supply issue’. What steps does he have in mind, more diversion of gas from industry? Gas from Iran, if and when available, will ease the situation but the demand in all the above four sectors will also go on increasing by the year. The PPP government is not pushed into delivering because it knows ‘people will decide’.

Khurshid Anwer