LAHORE – Pakistan Medical and Dental Council has given the approval of PGMI under graduate Medical College while Punjab Health Department has also referred PC-I of Punjab Institute of Neuro Sciences to be established at Lahore General Hospital along with recommendations.

Addressing a ceremony held here Sunday in connection with Xmax cake cutting and birthday of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Principal PGMI and LGH Prof Tariq Salahuddin said that Punjab Institute of Neuro Sciences was being constructed at a cost of Rs 3.8 billions consisting 500 beds initially. Medical Superintendent LGH Dr Mohammad Hassan, Principal Nursing School Ishrat Ishaq, Superintendent Nursing Razia Bano, the administrative doctors and office bearers of Paramedics Association.

Tariq Salahuddin said that it would be an ultra modern institute of this region catering the needs of a vast range of neuro patients. He said that Quaid-e-Azam dreamt of such a country where all basic amenities of life could be provided to every citizens without and discrimination. He said that all the minorities including Christians were living in Pakistan with complete harmony and honour with other Pakistanis and were enjoying all kinds of social, religious and economic liberties. He said that all the staff members were part of his team and he has respect for them, especially paramedics.

Meanwhile, Newly appointed Secretary Punjab Medical Faculty Dr Mohammad Javed has taken stern notice over not issuing diplomas and certificates by the faculty to successful paramedics’ candidates since 2009. He warned the relevant staff of Punjab Medical Faculty to issue educational certificates to successful candidates by January 15, 2011, otherwise they would have to face strict punitive action.

Chairing a review meeting of PMF here Sunday, Dr Javed asked the concerned officers to issue a circular to all the government hospitals to get the educational certificates of all the paramedics working there verified. He said that PMF would verify all the certificates referred to it within three days.  He further said that private educational institutions for paramedics were being inspected and those not meeting the set standards would be deaffiliated. He said that present syllabus of paramedic’s institutions was being recompiled in order to make it in accordance with modern demands. He said that examiners having good repute would be appointed to these institutions.